Personal Summary

Personality Type ENTP

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Whenever I have an opportunity to write about my own topic, I tend to be very opinionated and informed. This is a sampling of some of the papers I have written for assignments. I've tried to select papers that can stand on their own, without further context.

Monthly Rewards App:

Tracks cashback reward categories.

I created a selenium script in python to grab the quarterly category. I'm running the script monthly as a cron job, and writing the result to a sqlite database. I use python and falcon api to return the database contents to my Angular app on the front end. This app launches and runs like a native app when added to the phone homescreen as a bookmark.

See the code behind it here and here.

Linkedin Share Tool:

Create an Advanced Post

I created a cool utility using Linkedin's JSSDK/API. The tool will allow you to share a link, but declare the picture and caption that goes along with the post.

See the code behind it here.

I do a lot on GitHub.

Most of the repositories I use are private, but I contribute publicly when I can. I like others to see my work. Even this site is hosted on GitHub, see the code behind it here.